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About Margo

Family: I live with my mother and brother, Reggie. He’s five years older than me but I think I’m smarter (Girls are often smarter. Plus I can ring the bell when I want to go outside. He just sits there and stares). I have brothers and sisters but I haven’t seen them since I was very young and I’m not sure where they are. I like where I live now but I wish I had more walks. My grandfather is the best walker!

What do you like about life in London and area? There are lots of places to walk and lots of other dogs to bark and lunge at on walks. I really like to bark and lunge at the big dogs. I like driving around the City with my mom and Reggie.

Favourite Restaurants: I mostly eat home cooked meals or kibbles. I’m a big fan of tomatoes from the garden-I even eat them right off the plant. Drive through restaurants are always fun because we get treats or timbits and the people inside the window almost always make a big fuss about us.

Hobbies: Walking is my favourite! Jumping and barking against the wood fence at the dogs next door. Chasing squirrels in the yard. Barking out the front window with my brother-we have contests to see who can make the most noise. Chewing bones.

Dream Vacation:  I haven’t been a lot of places. Just cottages and places like that. I like being wherever my mom is so that’s all that matters to me.

Dead or alive, who would you like to have dinner with?  Cesar Milan. We do NOT like that guy at all. Me and my brother used to bark when we saw him on TV. I’d really like to just sit down and ask him why does he care so much how all the dogs behave? Who made him the boss? He doesn’t seem like a bad guy so I’d like to hear his perspective.