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About Ryan

Family: The Hilker family is born and raised in London, Ontario. I am a son, brother, grandson, cousin and nephew of an amazing family who work and live in the area.

What do you like about living in the area? If you’re a daily golfer, enjoy your lake time or prefer space away from the hustle and bustle, London and the surrounding communities offer something for everyone. In London I have lived in Wortley Village, Westmount, Huron Heights and in the Downtown core. For me I enjoy my lake time! I now find myself working and living in the lakeside community of Port Stanley serving London, St. Thomas and the surrounding area of Southwestern Ontario.

Favourite Restaurants: Big fan of Tony’s and Dolcetto for a great dinner and Milos’ and Joe Kool’s for a good Friday night out.

Hobbies and favourite things to do: I am a big car guy and love the outdoors. Catch me on the water, at the course, out for a run or in the trails. Basically anything outdoors and in the sun. Lake time is my favourite time!

Dream Vacation: Switzerland, I want to get back to a winter tobogganing trail that runs down a mountain and is lit up at night. I also hope to have more portaging and ATV camping trips. Anything outdoors and where I can disconnect!

Other than a family member, dead or alive, who would you like to have dinner with? Elon Musk and talk space and cars. I'd love to learn more about his plans for Mars exploration and the future of the Tesla brand.