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About Klaud

Family: "I am married to my beautiful wife Mihaela and we have an adorable daughter named Hanna. We live in “Lovely Lambeth” and love it!!!"

What do you like about living in the area? Life is affordable here, and it’s a great place to raise a family. We live in a fairly large city, but it always seems to me like a massive Village. We are located well in regards to the Great Lakes and the GTA. (although sometimes the snow gets excessive ?? ). I love how London is very multicultural and full of life. As it’s the Forest City, we have plenty of greenery, parks and outdoor fun. Each neighbourhood here has something to offer for everyone.

Favourite Restaurants: "As restaurants go… there is many ?? . My short list would need to include: Vietnam Restaurant, Thuan Kieu, Meesai Thai Kitchen, Conception Sushi & Shmokey Rob N Sons, Tasting Room, Mandarin…"

Hobbies and favourite things to do: I always love a good movie, and anything to do with History & WWII. I think I will also add eating here… I love to eat ??.

Dream Vacation: My dream Vacation is the Cruise around the world… However I will settle for just a lot of trips to all over the world.

Other than a family member, dead or alive, who would you like to have dinner with? This one is hard. I always admired Abel from the Jeffery Archer Novel “Kane and Abel”. As apparently the book is based on real people. I’d love to have dinner with him. I admired his hard work and the will to survive and succeed. Born in a war torn Poland in a forest, shortly after orphaned, he travelled the world eventually getting to the US, and there a journey on how he became a hotel mogul. An amazing Rags to Riches story and a great read!