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About Jadranka

Family: I moved to Canada from former Yugoslavia in 1996 with my family of three to start a new life in a new country. Our family expanded here in Canada with another beautiful daughter. Now, both of them have grown up and are walking towards their wide-open future. My mission is accomplished! All I can give them now is love and my heart.

What do you like about living in the area? " It is a fantastic Forest City, surrounded with natural areas, green space, parks, and recreational areas. Everyone is able to enjoy nature’s beauty. I also like that it is a university city where you can gain a great education in your own city and build strong relationships with friends and family. Reasons to love London are not only its greenery, but its diversity, as London is not built with only high-rise or low rise buildings, but rather is mixed with everything in just one space, showing what is in London and its surrounding areas."

Favourite Restaurants: I am not a big foodie, I enjoy making my own food. I would rather go to coffee places, especially outside to enjoy the sun and company as I like to socialize a lot.

Hobbies and favourite things to do: Staying in warm places, love flowers and gardening, reading, yoga, tennis, volleyball and watching soccer.

Dream Vacation:Tropical all Inclusive packages, on white, clean beaches, on ocean and service there, all fresh tropical fruits.

Other than a family member, dead or alive, who would you like to have dinner with? I would love to have a dinner with my mother once more.